Fresh Essential Oil Blends for Health & Beauty

Small-Batch ∙ Artisan ∙ Non-GMO ∙ GC/MS Tested ∙ Ready-to-Use


Wellness Blends

Made from pure essential oils & Ohio grown herbs. They are massaged to localized areas of the body.

Skin Care

Formulated from pure botanical extracts, plant powders, butters, and oils. Hand crafted fresh in-house and provide a purely active plant-based skin care regimen.

Single Oils

Ready-to-use herbal and essential oils are in a base of organic sunflower oil and offer a range of aromatherapeutic and cosmetic benefits.


We offer shopping appointments at the production studio in downtown Cleveland. Book a private and personalized appointment where you can test products, have questions answered, learn about our premium quality ingredients and see how the products are made.

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'Sustain Nature, as Nature Sustains You'




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